Saturday, February 23, 2008

Frolicking in the Sun

It was a gorgeous day on Wednesday. Kristin got some good pics of the horses having fun out in the field. Foxy and Beamer seem to be enjoying it out with the field bunch and are fitting in just fine. Naira really wants to play with her little sister again but Foxy is not too sure about that yet. Even old Babe is feeling frisky these days.

I am totally enjoying this milder weather! Even did a bit of riding. It has melted a lot and there is now a bunch of ice to deal with, but it is not too terrible. If it stays mild I will start hauling to the arena again and get some schooling done on these geldings. Lots of feet to trim too. My farmstay girl arrives tomorrow so will have some help again - looking forward to that for sure. I am also starting two mares under saddle so we should have enough to do for awhile.

Hope everyone is having a good time now in this nice weather! Spring really is just around the corner.