Monday, October 29, 2012

UK Was a Great Experience

Kristin and Stars Red Hawk
Here is a picture of my daughter, Kristin and Stars Red Hawk in his pasture at Blaisdon, Gloucester, UK taken on the second last day of our visit. We had an awesome time. Helena and Kyriako treated us like royalty and were great hosts. Helena purchased Red several years ago from us while living in Athens, Greece. The family made a huge move last winter to England. Of course, Red came along as well as Jojo their big dog. The climate, vegetation etc. are all very different from what we have here in West Central Alberta. The humidity is unbelievable! Nothing gets even smells like a musty basement outside, everywhere you go. Very different from here with our crisp, clear air. Roads are so narrow, lined by tall hedges and in some places you have to back up if you meet another car. The River Severn is impressive and dangerous. Gloucester Cathedral is a must to see if visiting the area. It is so old, the architecture is beautiful. More a piece of art than a building.....more pictures to come as I get time to download and sort through. London/Heathrow airport is an experience in itself. It was so good to see our little Edmonton International Airport again, much less initimidating.

Gloucester Cathedral

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is here

View from the Bedroom Window

Enjoying the sunshine and grass

Stars Really Foxy & Me

Brothers - we may have a team!
Just some random pics taken on a gorgeous fall day on the farm. Needed the roundpen mowed so openned the gate for the gang. September was an amazingly warm and sunny month, enjoyed it a lot. October is starting out kinda wet and cool but should get nice again by weeks end. The foals have grown superbly well this summer, the two year olds are much taller and filling out. All are very sweet and kind. Will be weaning the foals as soon as I am back from the UK. Should have lots of pictures of that experience! We leave on Oct. 9 which is coming up very fast. Getting somewhat nervous and very excited, of course. Hopefully we will have our big yard lights up and working when I get home too, that will really be nice on these short and dark winter days. Had one of those black and white smelly critters come visiting a few nights ago - the house finally doesn't smell like a skunk! Little monster didn't like out motion sensor light very much.....