Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time Flies by

Stars Bold Impression
ApHCC & CRHA registered colt  FOR SALE

Stars Sugar N Spice
ApHCC & CRHA registered filly NFS at this time

Getting Ready for Winter

It has been quite some time since I wrote on this blog! Cannot believe how time goes by so quickly. Summer has come and gone already, winter is just around the corner....It was a very busy year. A great, hot summer and beautiful autumn. I hauled my horse and rode in several places. Had a fabulous holiday in September with my friend, Janelle, to Pennsylvania. We attended the Colorado Ranger Horse Association National Show, met some great people and saw some lovely horses. Had a few days of great sight seeing as well. It is very different country to here, but beautiful. 

As usual, the fall has been super busy getting things ready for winter. Hay is in, wood is split and stacked, foals are weaned, fences are repaired etc. Still have a few fences to fix, but they can wait until spring and not be a problem. Hopefully will get a couple horses delivered to their new homes this coming week, if the weather holds good. 

I am not really looking forward to the snow and cold, but it is inevitable. We are the most prepared we have been for many years which does feel pretty good. Guess it will be time to get some inside housework caught up since I am way behind once again! LOL