Sunday, March 6, 2011

March, no sign of spring

We finally got a day with some sun but again with windchill temp is very cold (felt like
-21°C). This is about the only sign that we may even have spring on the way - a large tummy showing on Pratts Double Secret. Winter has been way too long and way too cold this year.....have not been able to do anything except feed and water the horses for weeks again. Need to get doing something with the sold yearlings soon so they can be loaded in a trailer for their trip to their new homes, but stuck yet for awhile. Tried to do some playing with them the other day but my hands were totally frozen within minutes as was my face. No fun at all :(  Have been trying to get feet trimmed for weeks, guess it isn't the end of the world but surely is frustrating. Horses are all fat and healthy, starting to shed with the daylight hours. Unfortunately they kinda need all their hair at the moment. The puppy, Maddy, is still growing like a weed. Such a sweetheart and so very smart. She has become my shadow and helps with chores every day. Always makes me nervous when she decides to swing off Banner's tail but he doesn't seem to mind at all. Go figure these stallions sometimes. Well, time to get outside and feed once again, get all bundled up so the face doesn't freeze with the wind blowing.....