Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Exciting Times

Stars Bright Totem & Me

Here  it is mid-April, snowing outside and we did not reach warm enough temps for thawing today (-2 ). I have begun to wonder where spring is hiding and yearn for warm days and sunshine and green grass! But, there are bright and exciting spots in the future. First off, Horse Ilustrated magazine invited the breeders of International Purebred Appaloosa Association to place a group ad in the June issue which comes out in May!! I am so impressed with this great group of enthusiastic Appaloosa horse come together and decide on a format, pictures and get the payments done in such an incredibly short time is truly amazing and shows what a group can accomplish if they wish to do so. So horse enthusiasts - look for our ad in the June issue of HI!!! Of course, this means the website must definitely be updated etc. so it makes for busy days for sure, especially when the internet decides to play games with us. But it is all coming together...

Only a few weeks left and we should be seeing our one and only foal for 2011. Hoping that all goes well and we get a healthy baby. We are very anxious to see what this lovely foundation bred mare and Banner will do together! She is bagging up nicely, just wish the weather would smarten up. Yes, we have the barn and shelters but sunny days are still preferred for the arrival of the little ones.

Our first RanchStay girl arrives on Sunday, April 23rd. Glad she wasn't scheduled for March, it would have been so boring for her with all this crappy snow. She arrives just in time to take in the Mane Event in Red Deer with us. Am sure she will enjoy that event. Have already started teaching some with clients who are renting time at the Ag grounds. Got to get the brain back into the right frame of thinking already! Once the ground is safe we will be getting Fire and KoKo loading in the trailer and off to their new homes. Will certainly miss them, but they look to going to have very exciting futures.

Come on spring! We are more than ready for your arrival......

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Visit

A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - visiting with another Appaloosa fan! Thanks for the lovely conversation Sherry!
Yes, spring has sprung and we have water and mud and still snow everywhere! But, it is so nice to be doing outside work in above 0 temps for a change. It is melting like crazy, but there is a LOT of snow to melt. The horses are shedding by the handfull and I am walking around looking like some strange, white, hairy creature :) The hair seems to leap off the horses and onto me. Everyone is feeling good, frisky and soaking up the sun. I even got sunburned yesterday, time to bring out the sunscreen good!