Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November ended and December began on a very, very snowy note! We have had a few big snow storms already and we are still digging out from the last one. Sure am hoping it doesn't do this all winter, won't have anywhere to put the snow. It is a very time of year with Christmas just around the corner. I still have my Green Certificate student weekly until March. One more module and she will be finished the course and has done very well. Have to get to town this week for groceries and some Christmas parcels should be arriving, then it is time to wrap.  The list for what to bake is made, just need ingredients and time in the kitchen (not shovelling or plowing snow). Muscles and joints are a quite sore tonight, need a rest. Horses are all doing well, the weather does not bother them in the least as long as they have hay in front of them. They are all so fuzzy right now and look so cute and cuddly. Hope to get some milder weather so I can ride or at least do some ground work with somebody soon....suffering withdrawal! Gotta love winter :(