Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time Flies by

Stars Bold Impression
ApHCC & CRHA registered colt  FOR SALE

Stars Sugar N Spice
ApHCC & CRHA registered filly NFS at this time

Getting Ready for Winter

It has been quite some time since I wrote on this blog! Cannot believe how time goes by so quickly. Summer has come and gone already, winter is just around the corner....It was a very busy year. A great, hot summer and beautiful autumn. I hauled my horse and rode in several places. Had a fabulous holiday in September with my friend, Janelle, to Pennsylvania. We attended the Colorado Ranger Horse Association National Show, met some great people and saw some lovely horses. Had a few days of great sight seeing as well. It is very different country to here, but beautiful. 

As usual, the fall has been super busy getting things ready for winter. Hay is in, wood is split and stacked, foals are weaned, fences are repaired etc. Still have a few fences to fix, but they can wait until spring and not be a problem. Hopefully will get a couple horses delivered to their new homes this coming week, if the weather holds good. 

I am not really looking forward to the snow and cold, but it is inevitable. We are the most prepared we have been for many years which does feel pretty good. Guess it will be time to get some inside housework caught up since I am way behind once again! LOL

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring is Here!

I have been pretty slack in keeping up with regular posts over the past few months. It was a very long and hard winter here with a LOT of snow shoveling. I found myself very physically exhausted by the time March rolled around. Fabienne came to visit for the month of March which was very nice and I really enjoyed her company again. But the month sure went by fast! April continued to have ugly weather right until the end. The Mane Event was a much needed break and I enjoyed myself very much as usual, love the learning and shopping. May has found us very busy trying to catch up with the spring work. The Edson Playschool children came for their farm visit,  6 classes over three days. They are so much fun. Then I was off to help out instructing a 4H group for a 3 day event. Again, a lot of fun but pooped this old girl out! The rest of the month I will be concentrating on more catch up work - cleaning shelters, pens, fixing more fence, rebuilding the chicken yard etc. Oldest daughter will be visiting for a few days at the end of the month. Am looking forward to that, it has been awhile since we last got together. The leaves are out and the grass is getting green - we are off to another very busy summer! Wonder it would be like to be bored for a day?????

Introducing the 2014 Foals

Stars Bold Impression (Pending)
Starwalker X DREA Kemosfancyeagle
Colt born May 2, 2014

Stars Sugar n Spice (Pending)
Stars Fim Koppur X OK Ripple Hawk
Filly born April 25, 2014

Introducing our new 2014 babies! We are extremely pleased with both of these foals. They are very correct, colourful and have amazing personalities. More pictures will be coming soon. Both are being registered ApHCC and CRHA. We are looking forward to watching these two grow.

We have sold several horses this past year in our preparation for retirement. Arctic Top Spark will be delivered tomorrow to her new home, going to miss her tremendously. She has been with us since a weanling, 15 years ago. Her new owner will provide a super home!

Stars Dusty Secret will also be going to her new home in a few weeks. The geldings, Stars Smokn Hot & Stars Fire Shadow will be staying a few more months before flying to their new home in Switzerland.