Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Central Appaloosa Horse Club

Several Appaloosa owners are trying to get a central Alberta Appaloosa club going so we can do a few things together without having to travel quite so far. We have had a fairly positive response and it is encouraging. However, in order for this to be viable it is necessary to be able to chat with people to get their thoughts and ideas. We have set up a group in yahoo in order to do this, but need the interested people to please join and share your thoughts with us all.


When joining up make sure to include your name as well as your email address! and location.
Talk to you soon!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Most Important

Here is the most important activity of Thanksgiving Day! The turkey and ham were oh, so good. Erin and Krissie's pies - delicious. Of course, we all ate way too much but it was worth it. Twenty - four people sat down for dinner, what a superb day it was. Thanks Charlene and Rob for having us all over.

Brave Man

I think Ivan must be a very brave guy to let these two try this! Ha! Ha!

Shooter Champ

Erin proved to be the most accurate shooter! We sure won't mess with her!!

Black Powder Demonstration

Ivan gave us a great demonstration on Black Powder guns and shooting. Love his hat!

Thanksgiving Trail Ride

Here we are heading out for our trail ride after getting the cows moved. I think we rode for about 3 hours or so. Was awesome. Mel and I were a bit outnumbered, but that was OK.

Nail Pounding Contest

Here is the winning team for the Nail Pounding contest on Thanksgiving Day. They sure put up a lot of fence in a very short time! Great idea it was and pretty entertaining.

Thanksgiving Cattle Drive

Here is one of our Thanksgiving Day activities. It was such a gorgeous day, we were so lucky. We moved my niece and her husband's cows from summer pasture back home. It was fun! Very good practice for Totie, he is getting all sorts of experiences now and is handling it all very well.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Starmyri's Top Ranch Hand

Here are a couple of pictures of my "Ranch Hand", Cruiser or also known as "The Cruise"! He is such a funny boy and we are so glad that we rescued him!

Three Friends

Well, Saturday was a pretty nice day for the most part and we managed to get more pictures done! Krissie "forced" me to be in some of them, she says that we have no new pics of me. I kinda liked this one of Cruiser, Banner and myself. As usual the Cruise was trying hard to be helpful, funny boy! This photo also displays what type of temperament this beautiful stallion has. Had four horses inspected for their upgrade into the Identified Appaloosa registry this past week. Poor vet - he had a very hard time figuring out how to describe Magic! Will send off the paperwork on Tuesday and have to wait for the results. Will eventually have everyone done, just takes money and time! This upcoming week will bring on the weaning time for Foxy, not that she cares much about mom anymore anyway. Spends more time with the yearlings. Also have the wood splitter booked so will be splitting the winter supply of wood - at least get a start on it!