Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter Babies

Stars Tiger Lily & Stars Dreamwalker
The two yearlings playing in the fresh snow - they are quite the pair of munchkins! Very frisky and playful, sweet temperaments. Sure do get running around that pen sometimes. Both are very good quality and cannot wait until they are old enough to ride! I know, at least a two year wait but am still excited........

Mickey & Ozzie


We lost our beloved Buster to the wolves in early January, RIP dear friend. Oh how I miss him! But he died doing his job of protecting our farm animals from the predators. Poor Molly was so sad and lonely and beginning to get very tired trying to patrol and protect this large area all alone. She was also in lots of danger being by herself to do this job. We were able to locate a couple of young 8 month old Irish Wolfhound X Komondor pups and picked them up Feb. 2. They have settled in very nicely and are already working! Both have big, deep voices that might make the coyotes think twice at least. Quite a pair of sweeties and I sure hope nothing happens to them! These wolves need to be removed from the area, do not need them around the farm at all.