Friday, October 30, 2009

Yearling Updates

Here are the two long yearlings - Stars Little Spot fewspot colt and Stars Sleepy Kitty, filly. Both are developing into very nice horses, great conformation and good minds. They are for sale. Neither of them are shufflers, but have great movement.

Are we ready?

"Sunset at the little lake by BW"

October has been a super busy month here at Starmyri......lots of things to get ready for winter! The weather was not so nice overall but we got 'er done. The new hydrant is installed in the barnyard (working great), the woodshed is full of split wood, hay is in the hay yard, logs are all skidded and piled in the stud pen, most of the limbs etc. have been piled and ready to burn, fencing done, roof replaced on chicken house, horse pens all cleaned up of poop, tank heaters installed etc. etc. Just need to get the blade on the quad and we are set....looks like we may need the plow soon! It is snowing so hard out there today, getting way more than was forecasted (how unusual! Don't think we can have a Halloween without snow!) Poor Mireike, our last farmstay girl, was very short changed in the weather department.....we had fun just the same. Sad to say goodbye. So now we settle into our winter schedule, get caught up in my office work, and housework (yuck) and hope for some nice days to play with the ponies. I sometimes really love winter for the fact that I get to go feed and visit my gang twice a day, every day. I so enjoy spending the time with everyone that sometimes doesn't happen in the summer months when I am so busy with other things. Have to get the Regional 4H record books judged in the next three weeks, an interesting challenge.

Already the end of October!!!!

Stars Dark Angel went to her new home yesterday. She is joining her sister, Stars Bright Penny. They managed to get there before the snow started, yay! Thanks Ben and Karen, I know you will be enjoying this beautiful girl for years to come.