Sunday, September 11, 2011

Horse Show

AJ (Scoot) & Cat (Dan) after their Leadline Class

Kristin & Ima Dandy Dude

The Starmyri Appaloosa gang did ourselves proud at yesterdays horse show! The little dudes were super sweet, horses were great. Danny & Krissie absolutely did not embarass themselves in any way either - after many years of not showing or even riding much, she was pretty nervous. The judge even complimented his performance in the trail class. I know he is not an Appaloosa, but he is pretty much homegrown and Krissie did most of his training and I am proud of both!

Hay has Arrived!

We got 4 loads of hay in the yard as of Thursday - always a great feeling! Not having to worry about feeding horses over the winter that is for sure. One more load ordered but not in super hurry to get it now. It is really good, grass hay too so will work for my alfalfa allergic boy.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wild Pink Yonder

Just getting ready to leave Breton on the Wild Pink Yonder ride for the cure of breast cancer! It was a superb experience and I met some very awesome people. Thank you to all my sponsors, your support is greatly appreciated. The Big Guy did very well on his first road riding experience too and his first time in parades! Very happy with him for sure......