Friday, August 10, 2007

Hi everyone

Well, I am finally getting around to setting up a blog for us! I am hoping for lots of visitors and comments. I will be going to post new photos on a weekly basis for all to enjoy. Wish me luck!



Jane Hurl said...

Good luck. I'll bookmark this and check back often.

----- j

Helena said...

Hi Linda,

Really nice! Good luck, it'll be nice to see new pictures often.


Fran Kerik said...

Looking forward to your adventures with your colourful horses

Carol said...

Hi Linda,
This looks like a great idea and I enjoyed seeing your spotted beauties. All the best to you -- your Stars continue to shine brightly!!


Denise and girls said...

Hi Linda,

Finally got to check it out and it looks great! Will be regular visitors to see your beauties...