Sunday, October 7, 2007

Three Friends

Well, Saturday was a pretty nice day for the most part and we managed to get more pictures done! Krissie "forced" me to be in some of them, she says that we have no new pics of me. I kinda liked this one of Cruiser, Banner and myself. As usual the Cruise was trying hard to be helpful, funny boy! This photo also displays what type of temperament this beautiful stallion has. Had four horses inspected for their upgrade into the Identified Appaloosa registry this past week. Poor vet - he had a very hard time figuring out how to describe Magic! Will send off the paperwork on Tuesday and have to wait for the results. Will eventually have everyone done, just takes money and time! This upcoming week will bring on the weaning time for Foxy, not that she cares much about mom anymore anyway. Spends more time with the yearlings. Also have the wood splitter booked so will be splitting the winter supply of wood - at least get a start on it!

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Helena said...

Nice picture of the three of you!