Monday, January 18, 2010

Breeders Conference Superb

Well, what a great weekend! The Alberta Horse Breeders & Owners Conference has come and gone again for another year. It was superb as usual, my brain is over flowing with all the new information. Saw so many people, got to do tons of visiting too. So lovely to see folk that you only get to see once a year! The ApHCC booth was set up very nice and very well attended. We sold several spots for the Nez Perce Trail Ride and there was a lot of interest expressed. The ride is almost booked full already. The Confeence is such a great venue and so affordable. We even got to see the Olympic Torch and some of the Fireworks, they were spectacular.
Now, back home and normal life again! Went out to feed this morning and discovered that the moose had broken the gate to the hay yard so the mares feasted well overnight! They weren't too interested in breakfast...So, we shooed them back out and fixed the gate, appears to be no harm done.


Dunappy said...

I Love your picture, it's beautiful!

fernvalley01 said...

Rotten boogers those moose! sorry we didn't connect at the conference. Hopefully we will get another chance to meet soon. You are right it was a great conference ,glad I went

greymare said...

Tried to speak with you a couple times Linda at the conference. You were busy chatting with others so didn't hang around. Didn't want folks to think I was eavesdropping.
It was nice to see the booth there and to be able to leave some of our brochures, business cards and calendars there. I found it very infomative and very glad I went.
As for the moose thing, we had a fence down about a week ago and I was sure hoping it was a moose, but it was my grey ghost that put herself through the barbwire. A couple scratches and a little tender to the touch but no harm done. Just hope she learned her lesson.

greymare said...

Just thought I would let you know that on your post from Christmas, there is an anonymous comment that probably shouldn't be there. I had on that had links to a porn site on it. If FV hadn't told me I wouldn't have known. Just thought I would let you know.

Starmyri Appaloosas Blog said...

Greymare - Thanks for the heads up on the inappropriate comment, it is gone now! Yes, I would have loved to connect with you guys
:-(, but we will one day, hopefully sooner than later! I seemed to be so busy answering questions about the Nez Perce Trail ride every time I went near the booth! LOL Usually book a space in the booth, but decided to just enjoy the conference this time out and I certainly did that!