Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Day

Family Day weekend has come and gone for another year. It was a very nice weekend, weatherwise. Went to my daughter's on Saturday, toured through the art show (her first to have work displayed), beautiful works! Finally got her drapes hung and her computer desk put together. Sunday had my farrier over and we trimmed up the stallions and five mares, good day! Went to to my sister's for a yummy ham and scalloped potato supper. Just enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, played with different ones, did the ring test on my pregnant mares and it says all Boys!!! Guess we shall see in a couple of months about that. The tummies are certainly getting very round. I am so enjoying the longer daylight hours and milder temperatures. Really starting to yearn for spring, sure hope it is nicer than what we had last year....although it don't do any good to complain about something you have absolutely no control over. :(

Litttle Spot, the two year old colt, is becoming a real little pal and is very sensible. The yearling colt, Spirit is very well named......very high spirited and full of himself at the moment. He really is a cutie. Kitty, the two year old filly entertained us for quite some time night before last playing with Mikey the llama. He got mad a few times and did a random air spit, but never at her, which he really should have done IMO. He was getting into the kicking and bucking pretty good too, not a pretty sight! LOL

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a chance to appreciate your precious families.

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fernvalley01 said...

We had a prtty low key weekend for once ,it was nice not to be running!Glad your was nice as well