Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time Flies

Stars Really Foxy & Lea Ride # 6

Honey & Anna

Pictures of my RanchStay girls working with a couple of green girls - all are doing very well! Honey will be ready for Catherine very soon. We are getting a lot of rain which makes things a bit challenging but it is also badly needed so are not complaining. Good to see the grass growing once more. Some sunshine would also help lots now too. I taught a Horsemanship Clinic last weekend which went well and everyone had fun. It is only 3 weeks and Anna (Switzerland) & Lea (Germany) will be gone, doesn't seem possible. Stephanie (Germany) arrived on Monday, so there is a housefull at the moment. We have accomplished lots despite the lack of cooperation from our weatherman. Two mares are bred with two left to be done. Stars Fire Shadow and Stars KoKo leave for their new homes on the 18th, we will sure miss those two yearlings. Stars Bright Eyes and Stars Smokn Hot have an appointment with the vet tomorrow which means they will be able to go out to pasture soon! Wildfire is going to be getting playmates, should make him happy.

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