Monday, July 11, 2011


It has been so wet this past week again, rivers are overflowing their banks big time, very soggy. Beginning to get a bit annoying, would be very nice to get some riding and training done! My arena was more suited for canoe lessons today than horsemanship! I now appear to have a miserable summer cold - yay :(

Here is a photo of Fire that Krissie took last week when we had some sunshine. Pretty nice looking yearling, I think. He goes on Saturday to his new home along with KoKo. We shall miss them but it looks like they will have great homes.

It has been a few days of cleaning up after last weeks crazy storms, tremendous winds and rain and golf ball sized hail on Thursday and Friday. Electricity was out from 9 PM Thursday evening until 8 AM Friday. Grass is growing like crazy, just hope we start to get some haying weather so we can get good hay this year.

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fernvalley01 said...

wow! he looks great