Monday, December 26, 2011

RIP Magpie

We said goodbye to |Airbourn Sidekick, more commonly known as Magpie, on December 4, 2011. She had had a pasture accident (ran a stick into her thigh rupturing a major blood vessel) and after successfully containing the bleeding and two weeks of intensive nursing care, the blood vessel ruptured again during the night and she bled out. We miss this tremendous mare a lot, pasture seems awfully empty without her larger than life personality. To make it even worse, she was in foal to Stars Fim Koppur and we were expecting a very special sad.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

So sorry I quite liked this mare in the few minutes I saw her on my visit , I do remember that she was a larger than life gal! How terrible for you to lose her!.Hugs

Starmyri Appaloosas Blog said...

Thanks Sherry.....I feel so bad for her but also know that we did all possible. Guess it was just meant to be.