Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012 and Welcome 2013!

What a wonderful way to say adios to the old year and usher in the new! The weather was as perfect as it could be, not too cold and not so warm that ice formed - and riding in a one horse open sleigh! Stars Ladyhawke did fantastic her first time hitched to the sleigh. We found that it does pull somewhat different than the cart for sure, but she had no problems adjusting. The driver on the other hand, took a few minutes to  get used to the different vehicle! It is always so nice to be able to spend time with family and friends. Got to babysit the grandson on New Years Eve, grand daughter had a sleepover with a friend. AJ and I had a great time as always together. Amma tends to play the little tyke out and he slept like a log.....he went sledding, helped split wood, fed horses, went for an adventure walk through very deep snow (thought I might have to dig him out LOL), quad riding.....busy little man. Here is hoping that the rest of 2013 is as great as the beginning has been!


Anonymous said...

I own a black and white app mare who has been worked with by 2 trainers. Both say she has some unusual gait that she goes into when asked to go into a sustained trot
She has no lameness issues
Is it possible that she shuffles?
Thank you

aurora said...

Now that looks like fun! Never been on a horse pulled sled, yet.

Starmyri Appaloosas Blog said...

wendyroo - yes it is possible that your mare can perform the "Indian Shuffle" but without video it is impossible for me to actually say she is or isn't.

Starmyri Appaloosas Blog said...

aurora - driving a horse is very much fun!!!