Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stars Top Joker (pending)
Starwalker X Stars Top Spark

Stars Dusty Secret (pending)
Stars Fim Koppur X Pratt Double Secret

Wow! already to the middle of July, where does the time go? Foals are growing well, both are of excellent quality. Very pleased with them. It has been a very busy month so far. So much for semi-retirement LOL.
Between catching up on farm work (that is a big dream), working with horses, fitting in some recreational riding, attending clinics etc. the summer is flying by. I have been trying to get the weed spraying done as well, weeds are so crazy this year, but the weather is not always cooperative and with the high cost of herbicide one does not want to waste it. Good news is that where I have managed to spray, it is working. Really don't like to use the chemicals, but sometimes there just is no choice. Breeding season is done for us so the long wait for new babies has begun. Stallions are doing well and will soon be back together. They seem to be quite ready for that. The tack door latch on our new horse trailer broke, so thank goodness we still have the old stock trailer for backup! Think the old thing could use a coat of paint......We have grass like we haven't seen in many years this summer. Hay fields are looking pretty good, my winter supply is ordered so just have to be ready for it when he is ready to start hauling. Helped a neighbour move cows to summer pasture yesterday, so much fun and the move went seamlessly. Moving cows with a horse is always a great experience. Hope the summer slows down some, so many things left to do especially riding!


Paola said...

Cute foals!

greymare said...

The babies Linda are beautiful. Yes summer does seem to be moving along much too fast. We too have more grass than horses to eat it. No problem rotating this year. Hay will be in good supply too. Hey you going on the Wild Pink Yonder Ride again this year. I always wait to donate so that I can sponsor you. Really need to meet you. Maybe next time when you and Sherry get together. Hey maybe we'll take a road trip. Good baby watching.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Busy times all around , so nice to see you at the clinic, thanks again for horse sitting Cat, and taking such good care of me as well