Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's December!

Well, here we are into December already. Where does the time go? November ended up being a very busy month. We got our tractor back - yippee! and it is working fine so far. Pigs went to the butcher and are now in the freezer. Baby Foxy is now weaned and keeping Beamer company. Beam's injured leg is healing and she is walking on it quite well. I managed to teach the ladies on Fridays for the whole month, amazing considering what time of year it is. Looks like we may have to put off riding for awhile with the weather forecast and it is snowing right now. So next it is getting ready for Christmas - my favorite season. The horses are all furry and fat and so sweet. Pregnant mare's tummies are growing and they are either cranky or really mellow....

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Helena said...

Wow, Linda,
I'm getting cold just looking at that picture! Beautiful, though!