Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 has arrived

Welcome to 2008! The year has started out with very nice weather, hope it stays awhile. Krissie goes back to college in the morning - boy did her break go by fast as per usual but she will be a graduate in 4 short months! So far, the pregnant mares are all doing well and the tummies are growing. Old Babe is in excellent condition this winter and feeling good. Now that Christmas is over with I hope to do some riding (as long as it doesn't get too cold). We have the perfect amount of snow on the ground.

I would like to introduce everyone to Starmyri's newest additions - on the left is Molly and the right is Maxi. They are Great Pyrenese X Maremma and hopefully will be taking over guard duties with Pluto within the next couple of months or so. Aren't they just the cutest things? A neighbor lost a miniature donkey to a cougar a couple of weeks ago (within 100 yards of the house) so we definitely need the stock protection. Pluto is working too hard - the old girls are mostly decoration these days. Have had lots of wolf activity this winter already too. And the coyotes are a story themselves, way too bold.

Our injured mare is nearly healed and is a great companion to the weanling, they get along really well. Should work good for when it is time to put the weanling to pasture as she will have a good companion already. Beamer will likely have a stiffness to her leg for a long time but it is not too bad anymore. They love to race around the pen together a lot!

Best wishes to all in the New Year!

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Helena said...

Congratulations, Linda! They're adorable.