Monday, May 3, 2010

First Foal of 2010

Our first foal of 2010 is a beauty! Colt by Stars Fim Koppur out of DREA Kemosfancyeagle, born at 12:27 AM on May 2. Krissie & Lenard were pretty happy to be home for the event! It is always so exciting when the new babies begin to arrive, not much for sleep! Mare #2 is getting pretty close, due on Thursday. Of course, the weather has turned ugly, will be putting this guy and mom into the barn for tonight for sure. He is doing well though, no shivering or anything....


fernvalley01 said...

A handsome fellow indeed ! Congrats!

greymare said...

oh Linda, he is gorgeous. It never fails, when the weather turns ugly the babies insist on arriving. Fern Valley only has one due this year and I think it is in June. although by the look of Jazz on the weekend, I bet she's wishing it was sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

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