Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well the conference has come and gone again! It was awesome as usual and I learned a lot. Here is a picture of the CHA booth, forgot to get one of the ApHCC booth! I rode down with Lynda Flato, met up with Gail Praharenka, Charlene Wheale, Mary Anne Finley and the girls from the vet clinic caught up to us later Friday evening. We saw so many people from the 2007 Nez Perce Ride to Freedom, it was like a reunion! Nils and his wife were at the mounted shooters booth. We also met a lot of new people and had a good time. The weather was nice and roads were bare and dry, always a bonus this time of year. We also managed to get our signatures for applying for our Hot Spots Regional Appaloosa Club incorporation. Hope it doesn't take too long to come back! I always look forward to this conference, it is a great learning opportunity, a great way to network and a super winter break. I am already looking forward to next year and the Mane Event coming up in April.

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