Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, winter has hit with a vengeance! It was a good thing that we cancelled our meeting on the 27th, terrible blizzard conditions and now we have plunged into the deep freeze big time. It was -42 C here this morning and warmed up to a balmy -28 C, woo hoo!!! Lynn had to go back north this morning too, kinda had me worried but he made it no problems, said the roads were great. It is now snowing and is -32 C and they are forecasting wind and that will be terribly miserable. We put out round bales on Saturday just to give me a break and boy was that a fortuitous decision. All the criiters are doing fine, all have good shelter and lots of bedding. The horses have been frisking around lots, maybe it warms them up some! But they are feeling good. By the time I am dressed to go outside to do chores, I look and feel like the Michelen tire guy. Boy, I cannot wait till spring again. Thank goodness we had such a mild winter up to this point.

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