Sunday, January 20, 2008

Real January!

Well, we finally got "real" January weather! It started snowing just before dark on Friday night and by Saturday afternoon we had about 10" of fresh, new snow on the ground. It is so pretty, but so hard to deal with. Just walking from one bale to the next is a challenge. My son came over after he got off work, started the quad and did some plowing for me. I sure do thank him for that. I was pretty tired from shoveling the deck off! It is -30 C this morning, a bit on the chilly side. The sky is so clear and the sun shining on the new snow and frost is beautiful. All the animals are just fine, throw them some extra hay and they are happy. The cold doesn't seem to even register with the puppies at all. The broodmares are feeling VERY good, having a great time running around and kicking and bucking - sillies! The snow was welcome, need a good packed base before the spring snows come and everything looks so clean again. Pictures to follow.

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